Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the website of Gobabis Gymnasium.

Gobabis Gymnasium is set in the east of Namibia in the mecca of a community enthusiasm that only a few communities can boast with. Gobabis Gymnasium offers a wide range of opportunity for each of its learners – whether it is school-related or not – we believe that if the opportunity exists then it should be exploited.

A school which follows the Cambridge Curriculum and is registered with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. Currently ranked 7th nationally for the 2017 NSSC exams and with 5 staff members ranked in the top 6 nationally based on their 2017 results, we have no option but to be proud and grateful for the commitment shown by our staff and especially our learners.

Gobabis Gymnasium, with its more than 300 learners, is competent, proud, and operates like a school with 800 learners and a very involved community of parents. Here we are focused on the creation and utilization of opportunities, through which we then develop initiative, with the bonus always being the sweet taste of personal growth.

Without a God-given opportunity then no or little success will be in sight. Our true ambassadors are the learners in our care. They must learn at an early age that responsibility is their own virtue and we will assist with opportunities to build responsibility underlined with Integrity.

Yes, we have our critics and experience has taught us that if you can criticize here or there then you will criticize everywhere – thus we use this information selectively to enhance our image.

Our Heavenly Father leads us daily and we are also based on God’s Word. Programs like our Character Transformation and Womanhood programs as well as the opportunity to talk one-on-one makes the atmosphere comfortable yet strict. 

Browse this website and see what the learners are up to, what and where the school is involved in, where this little green jewel is situated. Who are the staff, directors, school leaders, etc.? What is it that makes us special? Historic events such as National Archery Champions, World Youth Athletics participation, International Endurance Junior Champions, ATKV Idiom Champions for 4 out of 5 Finals, Choir Champions in the Private School Cultural Festivals the last two years, various Category winners in the National Private Cultural Festivals, National Junior Freshwater Angling participants, inauguration of our own athletics field in 2018, hosting of the first ever Afrikaans “Op Die Spel” competition under the requirements of the ATKV and many more which distinguish us amongst schools in bigger centra.

I invite you to inquire at any time about any information needing clarity. You will find the Contact Details, Application form, Rules, Code of Honour and shortly we will add the timetable and calendar highlights for 2019.

 Gobabis Gymnasium strives for Excellence under the watchful guidance of our Heavenly Father.

T. Tripodi, Principal